Maestra Kim Diehnelt 

"I stepped onto the podium unfamiliar with how string players would respond to my various conducting gestures. Thankfully, I had Maestra Kim Diehnelt by my side to guide me! Maestra Diehnelt is an eccentric conductor, musician, and mentor, which added zest to my experience with the Northwest Symphony Orchestra. In and out of rehearsal, Kim helped me communicate music both orally and physically, broadening my mindset on conducting and musicality... My experience with the Maestra Diehnelt and the Northwest Symphony Orchestra is unforgettable in many ways and I am grateful to have been selected as the 2014 Paul Vermel Conductor Apprentice."

- Tyler Holstrom

Maestra Diehnelt is an amazing musician and an inspiring mentor. She helped me to become the passionate musical educator and director that I am today. Learning from Maestra Diehnelt has been rewarding, pushing me to higher levels of musicianship. 

- Roy Freeman

"I had the pleasure of working with Kim Diehnelt as her Assistant Conductor with the Northwest Symphony Orchestra. Under her mentorship, she helped me grow as a conductor, musician and composer. Kim’s musical knowledge demonstrated the culmination of her years dedicated to her craft as a conductor and composer.  I always learned something new from her, and always felt the sense of growth and improvement every time I worked with her. Kim is a natural mentor and has a passion for helping other and helping young musicians reach their full potential. I can never thank Kim enough for everything she has done to help me become the conductor I am today. I will always cherish the time being under her mentorship."    

- Tim Janiszewski

Diehnelt mentoring atNYA
                Photo Credit: Roger S. Duncan
As the 2018 KISMET Foundation Artist-in-Residence, Kim Diehnelt visited the North Yarmouth Academy Theory Class for a mentoring session on composition.

New Choral Music Releases

Commissioning and Requesting Custom Music

You may wish to commission or request custom music in honor of a special person or event, offer it as a gift or tribute, or to provide new repertoire for outstanding artists or instrument types.

Commissioning lets you bring beauty and art into the world!

A general guideline for commissioning rates is available through  New Music USA .

Looking for Sheet Music?

The sheet music for most of Kim Diehnelt's original works as well as select arrangements of "gigging music" for professional musicians are available at Sheet Music Plus . Works are also available directly from Kim Diehnelt.

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