CAPRIO - The Album


Works for Mixed Chamber Ensembles
by Kim Diehnelt

Composer Kim Diehnelt is compelled to create beauty. Her authentic style is best described as a “Nordic Palestrina” as her works possess a lyrical, vocal quality with an attention to beauty and the sense of an unfolding story.

With its eclectic wind + string combinations, the album highlights instruments which are usually hidden within an orchestra: the oboe, clarinet, viola. 

The title track, Caprio, kicked off an unexpected return to composing in 2011. After years on the podium as a conductor, it seemed Diehnelt suddenly “had something to say.” Pairing the oboe with a string trio (violin, viola, cello) offered an abundant palette for expressive storytelling.

The album includes one traditional string quartet, although it receives a refreshing twist. Ariel features the viola as a fierce soloist, setting the remaining quartet members in a supportive role.

The closing track Stile Antico floods the listeners with the rich sonority of 5 cellists. The intense weaving within an expansive canvas of color and energy leaves the listener feeling connected to something distant, ageless and consoling.  

All the tracks are original works by Diehnelt except for one ingenious arrangement for oboe, violin, viola, cello of Bach’s Aria from his Goldberg Variations.

This debut album shows the influence of Kim Diehnelt’s many years as a professional orchestra conductor and her passionate studies of the music of Edward Elgar. Diehnelt thoroughly grasps and utilizes the natural voice of each performer and their instrument.

Please take a moment and sample a few tracks!

“For me, music is a poetic reading of time, where I work within time to create the opportunity for expressiveness, beauty, and poetic engagement, both within and between individuals.”  – Kim Diehnelt

CAPRIO: The Album

"Each piece in Diehnelt's new album is a pleasant surprise and worth the listen." - Amazon Review

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Commissioning and Requesting Custom Music

You may wish to commission or request custom music in honor of a special person or event, offer it as a gift or tribute, or to provide new repertoire for outstanding artists or instrument types.

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Looking for Sheet Music?

The sheet music for most of Kim Diehnelt's original works as well as select arrangements of "gigging music" for professional musicians are available at Sheet Music Plus . Works are also available directly from Kim Diehnelt.

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